Wednesday, April 29, 2009

who is thy neighbor?

one of my girls asked me why I was the one working on this messy house project in saxonburg. i live about 7 miles away. it made me think of the scripture about loving our neighbor. so, who is our neighbor? is it the guy next door, or the lady 2 doors down? or is it the troubled woman 7 miles away? we have to try to help those that the Spirit prompts us to. i don't know if we will be able to help her, but i have to try.

i've talked to sandy (house owner) and she finally called to have a dumpster delivered on friday, so sat. will be the work day- now i have to get the women in the women's club scheduled to work. i went over today when i knew sandy wouldn't be there and took some more shots of the outside-
this is the way to get into the kitchen door- between the garage and the house. there is a very narrow "pathway" that is about 6" wide. i had to stand on a garbage bag when i went last night to talk to her.
car port area
front of house- disabled front door and also these boxes are full of "new" avon stuff- it's been sitting out there for months, at least.

this is as far as her garage door will go down- she cannot get into it as the side door is completely blocked with boxes and garbage. you can imagine how the neighbors and people driving by this main street in saxonburg, feel about this.


  1. ahem!--which daughter, pray tell, asked you that?! :) She sounds like the smart one!

    Those pictures shock and amaze me! I am speechless!

  2. That is so kind of you to help her clean up. I bet she is so overwhelmed by all of that. Also, thank you for the reminder of who our neighbors are and about listening to the spirit. Good luck with your project!

  3. yeah, who was that who asked you that? crazy. oh, I am not actually commenting here as I am still on blog break.

  4. You are such a good example of kindness. Is being 2000 miles away considered a neighbor? As, I need help!

  5. You don't need that kind of help Catherine. haha. Mom, you are a true example to us all:-)