Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day...Yeah!

soooo- this has truly been a labor day for me. the first half of the day was spent at the chandlery, cleaning and getting it in order for this week and the upcoming arts festival next weekend (sept 11th). a trip to the grocery store and then home to begin baking for the farmers' market tomorrow. i decided to make my english muffin bread and breakfast cakes this time. in no time at all this was my kitchen. yow! is all of this worth the potential $40  and some odd  that i will make?

             this was the end result of an afternoon of baking. i'll also sell jam and cold drinks... farm market, here i come!

took a break to make hamburgers for tonight- katie, josie and seth are coming over for dinner and one last bonfire.

it seems like it always takes a special day to really get things done around here--- my bed will look great to me tonight!