Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eggs, eggs, and more eggs

do you girls remember the easter egg trees across the street from our old house? you would be invited to help hang the eggs, along with the help of the exchange students. mrs. c. had hundreds of colored eggs (real ones) and they were all hung on the branches of her trees and bushes in her front yard.
for refreshments she offered you girl scout cookies (which she usually bought from you!). i drove by today and there they were. i couldn't resist stopping and snapping a few shots.

there was a breeze and the gentle clacking sound of the eggs as they made contact with each other was like wind chimes. happy Easter everyone!


  1. I remember helping her blow the eggs out every year. it was fun and a lot of work!!! I will have to drive by the house again to take some pics.

  2. I can't remember if I ever helped or not. maybe once. But I always enjoyed looking at them:-)

  3. Thank you for the pictures. You took me to see that house and eggs and they bring back good memories!