Monday, April 27, 2009

update on the trash house

well, there's an update on the " welcome to saxonburg- trash house"

i went to her house today and crawled (and i mean that literally) to her front door.

when i found it (the door) i knocked and she yelled "just a minute"- she had to make her way thru the path that i could see inside- "stuff"piled almost to the ceiling! i introduced myself to her and told her i had talked to the women's club pres. and they were willing to come help with the "project". she teared up and i hugged her and told her it would be all right. here are some of our conversation points:

she is trying to get a lawyer so she can get an extension on the 10 days for a cleanup. (apparently 3 years wasn't enough time) .

she doesn't think she needs a dumpster (she needs the large, construction type).

she is diabetic and has an open toe. (what the ...)

she was told that she will be fined $1000.00 if this isn't done in 10 days.

she has gone through alot of the stuff, but needs to go thru it all. she doesn't want people to just throw everything away- willy-nilly.

the boxes are not empty- i felt one it was heavy.

she wants to burn the boxes etc-(major fire with smouldering wet boxes - smoke and angry(er) neighbors). that's why she doesn't think she needs a dumpster.

she hasn't called about the dumpster yet because that takes a lot of time and that's time that she could be going thru her stuff (but isn't).

she had shoulder surgery recently... ???????(and your point is?)

i gave her my number and told her to call me as soon as she got the dumpster committed- told her next tues or thurs. would be good for me. now we'll see if that happens - i may have to take another trip over there in a few days. keep your fingers crossed.


  1. wow... i was going to say, i hope this lady didn't see you snapping pictures of her hole of a home. but, she can't see past all of the junk through the windows, now can she?

  2. What did she look like?--
    I cannot get over the magnitude of boxes and crap!--I also can't believe you gave her a hug!
    (I probably would have done the same thing) :(

  3. Oh, dear, Sherry, I think you have found someone who has a true disorder that of having to keep everything one has ever had - hoarding. It truly is a mental disorder. You can clean things up for them but within weeks it will be back to the way it is unless the person gets some help. Also, an open toe means she has an infection and may be at risk of losing her toe or foot or lower leg. It means she most likely has poor circulation and should not be on her foot, but have it elevated. It is pretty serious. In fact, both condiditons are fairly serious. Good luck!

  4. whoah! I don't know what else to say besides that!!!!

  5. okay.. i just had an epiphany.. 5 words for you-- SUBMIT THIS TO "CLEAN HOUSE!!!" I would totally do that- I feel a "Messiest home in America" episode coming on...