Monday, April 20, 2009

red squirrel's spot light nut...

spring is here and so are some sweet finds from red squirrel- enjoy !

vintage beaded wire flowers...

pink poodles- spaghetti art

cast iron lamps with homeade quilt pieces- lamp shades

vintage chalk-ware girls
sweet little girl's yellow dress


  1. cute pictures. you should take pictures of sections of your shop too so I can get an idea of what it looks like this season:-)

  2. how much for the whole lot?

    Did I mention how much I love that you are incorporating pictures now on your blog?!! (I know I tell you that every day)

  3. Hey!--Do you have any key chains in your shop?
    I've got a motivated buyer!

  4. REILLY--- (newman)--she cracks me up- we had quite a conversation again today and she gave me the sales pitch for the key chains. i'm on the look-out for them.