Sunday, April 12, 2009

another fine day

it's 8:00pm and things are pretty quiet.

it's been a good day- full of activity centered toward Easter. i left the house at 8:20 so that i could arrange the lilies and pussy willows at the church. finished that in time for choir practice and then sacrament. i was asked to give a talk- actually read scriptures pertaining to Easter and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus . i used a few statements and thoughts from an article in the april ensign, by eric huntsman (pg.52)-- "reflections on the savior's last week". worth your time to look at that. i read mostly from matthew and then john. also from 3nephi when Christ showed himself to the nephites- powerful scriptures of Christ's atoning sacrifice.

iplayed the piano for primary and then went to visit 3 ladies and drop off easter baskets. i arrived home at 3:00 and was more than tired- luckily i had put the ham in the timer oven, so it was cooked when i got home. i put cottage potatoes together last night, so just threw those in the oven and worked on brussel sprouts and carrots. katie was bringing refreshing jello and pineapple salad and i had made a bunny cake last night (copied from nella's pattern- hers was cuter!).
i used my grandma steele's dishes- (i only use them for Easter). she painted them many years ago and i just love them- they remind me of her.

seth drove to my mom's and brought her back for dinner. nate, katie and josie came also. we had a mini egg hunt in the back yard before we ate. katie has photos on that- so cute!

dinner was good- nice conversations and the highlight for josie-- THE BUNNY CAKE, which she ate with such gusto- it cracked us up. this is a shot of it when we were through...

paul gave her a little white dog and she loved that and then everyone was ready to depart.

can you say "overwhelmed?"......
i turned my "consider the lilies" up and got to work. 1/2 hour later i was finished.
yes, that's the same table you just saw!
the dishes were put away for another year, my robe went on and here i am! another Easter- a lovely time of the year and another fine day.


  1. The sight of your kitchen piled high with dishes leaves me weak in the knees!--Thankfully, Brian cleaned ours up tonight--but I feel bad that you were solo :(

    If it's got to be done, than I can't think of anything better to listen to than Consider the Lilies...(except maybe Wicked!)--

    XO--Happy Easter!

  2. that sounds like a great day! Wish I could've been there:-) Mine wasn't very eastery...