Friday, January 8, 2010

winter wonderland

this christmas was a bit different from the ones of the past. our family dynamics have changed and so our celebration was more low-keyed than usual. as we begin to bring down the empty boxes and bins to once again store the decorations, i have been reminiscing past christmases.

i guess they all started here in this house in dunkirk, n.y. i lived in this apartment house until i was 9 years old. my dad owned it and we lived in the downstairs apartment. my bedroom was in the front on the left side of the house.

on christmas eve, i would sleep in my brother, doug's room- it was in the back of the house- away from the living room- where santa would be busy arranging presents for the next morning. i remember lying awake and whispering with doug about what we would find under the tree. i always heard jingle bells (and to this day i still do on christmas eve!). one year doug found our gifts in a deep closet and showed me my gifts. that was the year i received a ginny doll with braids and a green pineapple dress. i felt so guilty looking at our presents early and i never again tried to find out what i would get.

many christmases would pass and we moved to a new home. i remember doug and i looking through the sears catalogue for that perfect gift for mom and dad. we found a brass fireplace lighter for the living room. we ordered it and then when the call came that it was in- doug took the bus down to dunkirk and picked it up. we waited until my parents had gone to bed on christmas eve and then crept out and put it under the tree- being very careful not to look at santa's gifts for us- they were amazed that we had done that by ourselves.

one year i got a big stuffed dog and a red plastic transistor radio. (i've written about that before). that was one of my best christmases ever! i went to bed on my top bunk and listened to my radio for hours that night- all was well with the world!!

there are many other memories that are dear to me- those when i became an adult and had my family. watching each one react in their own way to christmas eve and christmas morning. maybe they will all write a memory that can be added to these.- but for now, christmas is being put away in those special boxes. the quiet of winter is here and is a welcome relief to the holiday festivities. it's now a time for reflection and contemplation. .. enjoy this moment.