Tuesday, June 30, 2009


ahhh... it's that time again. first things first, though- delilah is tuned in on the radio and it has to be later in the evening (don't know why that one is a must, but it is!). and now the jammin' begins.

i got a good deal on strawberries at nate's store yesterday- the local ones are close to $5.00/ qt.

i made 2 batches. the 2nd one is called "strawberry with a touch of blue" (i used a
few blueberries to fill in) - pretty tasty! guess all of you girls will be the judge of that !

this is what awaits me when i finish this post- oh yay!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

red squirrel update

the squirrel had our open house last sat. and it was considered a success. i didn't have time to take pictures, but took some afterwards that might be interesting to you girls.

this is our newest line- thanks to some of you for input on the name. "ode de squirrel" lost out --- (yuck) to "le squirrel". it's a wonderful lavender linen/room spray that i had a woman make for me. i had bought some years ago and saved the bottle. her name and address were on it so i called her and she agreed to make more just for the squirrel! i'm addicted. katie designed the label and tied each bottle with a ribbon.

i displayed the spray on a glass pedestal cake dish- it looks nicer in person! (notice the pass along cards under the display. i'm always trying)

the next few pictures are of a few areas in the shop... this one is what you see when you first walk in . the green dishes are copyrighted "1936". feel like i've had them that long! it's time to sell them.

this is the yellow area... next to the front window- the little orange sugar and creamer set was my mom's when she was a girl.

the purple area is behind the door and features some rabbit" stuff"....

these next 2 photos have nothing to do with the shop, but thought you'd like to see the flowers i took to church this am. there were lots of georgous flowers blooming in the yard- after an early am walk i decided to arrange some. there are sure some beautiful creations on this earth.

sorry for the duplicate--- i'm hopeless- don't know how to delete yet- this got doubled by mistake! :o)

this last photo is for shannon- she wanted to see the glass front cupboard of gram's .

didn't realize the plastic bowl was in there... :o(

nighty night, girls.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

jojo- the birthday girl...

today is jojo's 26th birthday. it seems like yesterday that i was in the grocery store in kittanning, pa. and realized that i was beginning labor. i stayed to get all the things on my list- probably too long, but i knew it would be awhile before i would be back there. by the time we went home, picked up my personal stuff, and drove to the hospital, i was nearing the end of my labor! the delivery room was "occupied" and i had bearing down pains. the nurse told me not to! i panted and puffed (lamaz) until they quickly wheeled me in. 3 pushes and out she came- just like a pumpkin seed-- no time for any medications for me -- yow! but little jojo was beautiful!!
she just filled her little carrier like a pea in a pod and was always smiling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOJO - (aka) math craft, jojo solerio, president of mexico and many others!

Monday, June 1, 2009

my newest little friend...

this morning as i was weeding, i came across a little guy who had become independent before it was time. after talking to him for a few minutes, i was able to put him on my finger and then place him on a branch away from the outdoor cats.

we had a moment together! ( this was me in the early am before breakfast and a shower- and after an hour of weeding...)

everyone needs a friend...

hopefully he will survive- saw him later today on the ground again. his parents were flying around and he was flying "ground level". i shooed jack (neighbor's cat) away and am still hoping for the best.