Monday, April 27, 2009


i've had some interesting projects lately- one is the trash house in saxonburg (see another post- that's an ongoing one). i will be updating that one in a few days.
another project was my "new" entertainment center- i bought an older wardrobe from a friend last year for $25.00 -with the intention of using it for my tv in the living room- so i could close it up when i'm not using it (thanks shannon and katie). well i left it outside with a tarp on it all summer and when i finally got to it- :o( the doors were warped and the veneer was ruined. it's been in the shed all winter. i remembered the older guy who works in the wood shop at concordia. he actually runs it- he must be in his 80"s- amazing guy! seth helped me take it over and in4 days he was finished- we bought the wood-( beadboard) and he fashioned the most perfect piece and his bill was a whopping $5.00--- WHAT? i gave him $30.00.

i painted it and put a bookcase inside for the tv. paul cut the case down for me. when i put the tv inside- it stuck out too far- ooohhhh - so i took the little handy saw of paul's (where does he get those things, and do they still make them?) and cut the hole in the back larger, shoved the tv back further out of the back and moved the center away from the wall a bit more- make sense? I LOVE IT!! .... just have to get some glass knobs for it. what do you think??

next project- my new dresser- i've been using some rejects from the shop- 2 broken dressers, so when i saw this vintage beauty- i couldn't resist- $39.99 - very heavy, well made, dove- tail drawers- top part opens up to 4 sliding drawers. we think it's made from oak. anyway, of course, i painted it and here it is. it looks so nice in my room.

i've taken several trips to "smokey joe's" in the past few weeks- have purchased some neat items for the shop - garden sale coming up on the 9th of may and my summer open house in june. this is a photo of pat in joe's (we call it that because the owner, janeen, smokes her head off). this place is amazing - a real find for stuff for my shop.

here's a vintage chrome table and 4 chairs that i brought back.

i'll take some more photos of other items and post them later. i'm hoping for a good sales day sat. at "the squirrel" - wish me luck!


  1. Wow!--what finds!!!!! My favorite is your armoire!--what a transformation!--I love it all!

  2. oh man- i love that table and chairs set! dang.. i wish i lived there. what is the date for your summer open house? let me know.

  3. Wow! You are totally amazing! I wish you luck!