Monday, March 1, 2010

more of my "day".....

everyone just left after enjoying a pizza dinner for my (yes, again) birthday. we put this off for a day because of weather and health reasons. so now- i was officially sung to and had a candle in an amazing cream puff- homemade by katie! nate brought me a huge container of deluxe bird seed (i was almost out and my feathered friends knew it). paul gave me a gift certificate for my hair, and josie "wrapped" 2 boxes of wafer cookies. nate and katie also took me to a japanese restaurant last week and we had a delicious AND entertaining dinner. it won't be josie's choice for her birthday- that's for sure. i think she thought the chef was out to get her, but daddy came to her rescue and took her out before the grill in front of us lit up. ( katie has pictures of this event). that evening was topped off with a bag of licorace jelly beans, which josie and i enjoyed in the back seat while driving home.
thanks to my family - i just wish you all could have been there. ( shannon, our day will come! :O) )