Tuesday, March 1, 2011

64 and counting!

 wow! a surprise birthday party ....  for me!  nella and katie arranged with my friend, pam, to celebrate my 64th birthday at her home- complete with a gourmet luncheon and 2 cakes- one by pam and one by katie.

spinach, strawberry, hearts of palm and walnuts greeted us along with many other delicacies.

this was a sausage,cheese,apple quiche- omg!

ham with a few vegs. in a thickened broth which we ladeled into tiny pastry cups...omg

endive stuffed with veg. cream cheese... omg

table set with wedgewood plates, silver etc...omg

fresh rolls and beets with vinegar and grapefruit and grapes stuffed with goat cheese and pistacios....omg, omg!

3 layer cake with bits of peaches in the frosting...omg

                    katie's boston cream cake (my favorite cake)... omg
i look loopy after all that food. have i said omgosh enough???!!!  it was nice to have katie and nella there.
pat, me, holly and pam
the traditional" blowing out the candles " picture...
thanks for a great day ps. i got my hair cut after that ---yow!