Friday, May 1, 2009

more stuff for the "squirrel"

as you can see, spring has finally sprung at red squirrel.

spring means garden sale at the succop conservancy, may 9th, and that also means collecting garden related stuff for the big sale. here are a few of my finds for the day...

the metal chair is one of 4 that i bought for $20.00- spray painted them and recovered the seats with outdoor material (it was half price at joann's this week). before i even had them officially for sale or could take them to the garden sale, a lady came by and wanted them. they went for $100.00! (actually gave her 10 percent off- so it was $90.oo). yay! the heavy cement angel was part of a lot that i bought for $25.00. i have $25.00 on that-( the wing had been cracked and fixed.) the swan is a stuffed pillow that i bought at a church flea market today for .25! and the painted tray (hi shannon) :o) was .50 cents. the green mirror- beveled- was $2.00. love this stuff. i'll mark these items up when i sell them.

this mosiac top table is my favorite- my friends didn't like it- oh well... i may paint the bottom part.

this is an actual painting, signed and everything! got it today for .50 cents.... WHAT??? may paint the frame.

the last item is a cute,cute,cute needle work that will be snatched up at the sale. the little baby birds' bodies are puffs.

well, hope you liked seeing some of this stuff- it's just stuff, after all . tomorrow i have to go to the trash house to help with the cleaning up- i'll take pictures, so be prepared. josie and i took signs around today asking for help. i'm training her early! keep your fingers crossed for our efforts.


  1. dang!!! i want that angel!!!

  2. You seriously posted signs around town asking for help?? I'll be curious to see who shows up!

    Lots of neat stuff!--Especially the tray!--heh heh heh!

    We're going to yet another stake conference tonight so I probably won't talk to you until tomorrow...