Wednesday, December 31, 2008

late comments

i am going slowly through and making comments on your posts and on your comments - sorry it has taken so long for me to comment- i LOVE reading each of your entries- it makes my day! keep updating those thoughts.

pre new years

i think we should consider writing something for the new year- we could all think about it during the next 2 days and then come up with a mutual idea and thoughts on that- what do you girls think about that? by the way, i will be having the best new years- spending a little up time with josie and then babysitting her at night- what are your plans?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

will they ever end?

oh my gosh- i just watched the one gazillionth christmas movie of the season, and i must say that when you see larry levinson 's name on the credits you know you are in for 2 hours of insanity- but here is the insane part of all of this---- i continue to watch-- am i hoping that they will get better? or am i that desperate for christmas movies- bingo- i am truly an addict. today was a marathon of christmas movies - mostly his movies and between watching as many as i could, "visiting" (i say that loosely) my mother- in-law- who acts like she has a bone to pick with me, and spending 2 hours (yes, i said 2 hours) in walmart- mostly looking at cheap movies to buy-(i told you i was an addict), i have accomplished absolutely nothing today- but, hey it felt pretty good to do exactly what I wanted to do (except for the mother- in-law thingy). i don't sound very compassionate towards her, but something - maybe just in her mind, has changed on that front- more about that another time- bed for now as i have an early meeting before church. nighty-night girls.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tomorrow-- another new day

ok- that's IT!! tomorrow i will NOT eat 2 plates of topcheese, chips, gucamole dip and DIET squirt, ... but i will think of the memory.
i'm listening to kenny g's "auld lang syne" to that background music, there is a recap of the events that rocked the world as we know it. it never ceases to bring tears to me, as many of the events seem still fresh with me- things that are not easily gotten over- pres. kennedy's death. i was a senior in high school and in study hall - we all made our way to the current events room where there was a tv and stood in shock as the story unfolded. i walked home that day instead of taking the bus. a woman i passed said "did you hear?" "yes", i said - i didn't want to talk about it - it made it all seem true and i didn't want it to be true. i was glued to the tv set and we all saw jack ruby shoot lee harvy oswald who was the supposed assassin-- right on our tv- and then the funeral- my parents couldn't understand why i had to eat in front of the tv and not in the kitchen with them. it was a life changing happening and will always be with me and so many others that witnessed it.
on that note, i will retire to my bed- there's a party going on in the living room .. let's hope for a clean kitchen in the am. i ask for very little.

Friday, December 19, 2008


my next "blog" dilemma is what to put in my profile. i"ve read some of the others- they are so clever and i know i will lose my huge following if i describe myself. what to do? maybe you girls can give me some "blog-profile advice". the photo that was submitted by nella makes me look like a crazed cook. maybe i will actually have a profile (is that like having a life?) next time . something to look forward to...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

red tree spritzs

well, this must be the beginning of many changes for me-- i totally broke the christmas cookie tradition of green spritz cookies. after mixing up a double batch , i realized i had no green food color, so i bit the bullet and poured in the red. do you girls think i've gone completely over the edge? i now have dozens of red tree cookies and in the grand scheme of things- i guess that's not so bad.
i so enjoyed my evening baking cookies and listening to a christmas cd (that i'm totally ga-ga over), and thinking how very wonderful things are (not including the economy, war , poverty, and hunger throughout the world) .it was just at that moment i felt very blessed. christmas does bring out the best in most of us --- except the old lady at the post office today. she had sealed one of those priority boxes and was desperately trying to open it back up- to stuff something more in it. i helped her, and she started going on about how sick she was of christmas and how she wasn't doing this again. yow! maybe she won't have to do that again--- she was pretty old. i should have given her the pep talk that shannon gave me on how to say "no".... another time...

Monday, December 15, 2008

something new!

i actually said "no" to a planned event.... yow! thanks to shannon's advice to take control over my life- i was able to conjure up enough courage to tell a friend that i wouldn't be able to drive to her home tonight - 45 mins. away in the rain and falling temps. to look at the jewelry that i had no intention of buying with the money that i don't have. this is a start-- will i be able to assert myself when i don't have all the reasons that i did tonight?... tune in for that chapter.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


well, well well... here i am writing on my blog, (is it "on"or "in"?) which 3 weeks ago i never knew even the word existed! my kids will be shocked to see this . what a great way to keep track of events and thoughts and to read the oh, so clever comments of my girls. i actually had tears in my eyes when i read their stories. i so love being a mom at times like this.
i fixed "boiled dinner" for my youngest daughter for probably the last time in a long time as she and josh are moving to utah after christmas-- waaaa. we all oohed and ahhd over the boiled cabbage, ham, potatoes and carrots-- have i told you that i love food? sometimes i wonder what the statis of cake, spinach and white meat is in the life beyond.
i keep running back and forth between this and the latest christmas movie on" lifetime" (oh yes, i love christmas movies, too.) i think the movie is winning. 'til next time-

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A First for Everything..

This is actually Nella. Creating a blog for Mom. Now, hopefully she will figure out how to write in here, or else Katie and I will be getting lots of phone calls with lots of questions! :) Good Luck!