Saturday, February 28, 2009

My birthday 100...Random thoughts

1. I love spending time with my family

2. I love being a mother

3. I am grateful for the gospel.

4. I would cross oceans for Boston Cream Pie

5. I love being at home

6. I find myself smiling when I am gardening

7. Certain T.V. programs inspire me--"Clean House" & "What Not To Wear"

8. Arranging flowers especially for church draws me close to Heavenly Father

9. I am grateful for the sister missionaries who found me in Alaska and taught me the gospel

10. I recently got a new "big girl bed"--I love it!

11. I love to travel in the car by myself

12. Books on tape are a must for me in the car

13. Ah!...peppermint tea

14. It's always fun to do projects with my grandkids

15. I enjoy making murals with Jake

16. The most important lessons and best tips have been learned from my girls

17. I never leave the house without applying lipstick

18. I love reading a good book in my big girl bed--ahhhh!

19. I love, love, love American Idol! (check out my post on that one)

20. I don't like ice in my drinks unless there's a straw

21. Thrift stores and yard sales give me a rush

22. I wore braces--the kind with rubber bands that flew from my mouth when I opened too wide.

23. I hate-hate-hate mushrooms

24. I can watch Christmas & pioneer movies (also Hallmark) anytime of the year

25. Working in my shop--red squirrel--provides such a creative outlet for me

26. Popcorn at the movies is a must

27. I love to set a pretty table

28. I love lilacs and lavender

29. I like to learn interesting facts about nature

30. I use a special pillow when I sleep
31. I started a special club with 4 other girls--"The GAFMB club"--when I was in highschool. We did service for others

32. I didn't like my dad

33. I was afraid of the water until I went to camp in the woods when I was 8 years old

34. I took and passed a water safety course in college so I could teach swimming

35. I was once a lifeguard

36. I have a soft spot for my Aunt Evelyn

37. I love doing puzzles

38. I still have my early childhood doll--"Sally"

39. I've been married twice

40. I remember having my tonsils out when I was 4 years old

41. I made friends with a bird who would fly to me when I whistled

42. I make friends easily

43. I used to collect bird nests

44. I was a cub scout leader for 4 years

45. I masterminded and organized a cub scout day camp when I lived in Bryan, Tx

46. I didn't learn to drive until after I was married and when I did, it was in a Datsun pickup, standard shift in Anchorage, Alaska

47. I got frost bite on my cheek when I lived in Alaska

48. I love Thanksgiving

49. I make the best sugar cookies

50. I wrote the words to my class song in high school to the tune of "An Affair To Remember"

51. I love to organize other people's homes

52. I sing alto in the choir

53. I hate going to the dentist

54. I sleep with the window open and a fan going

55. I floss every night!

56. Showering in the morning starts my day (sorry Shannon!)

57. Sherry is my name, CANDY is my game (jelly beans, good & plenty to name a few)

58. I wanted one more child

59. Watching my kids get along and laugh together is so satisfying

60. I always wear an apron and used to embarrass my kids when I picked them up at school wearing one.

61. Unless I'm driving, I get motion sickness

62. Dramamine is my partner when flying
63. I used to sew all of Shannon's clothes when she was little

64. I won a blue ribbon at the farm show for my apple pie (check out post on that one)

65. I hate to play the piano in front of people

66. No one would guess that I'm not really outgoing

67. I love spending time with my best friend (Hi, Val)

68. I have written several songs and words for songs

69. Autumn!--I love the smells and the feel in the air

70. I love ice water--especially in the sports-top bottles

71. I love to be near the ocean...the sights and smell at the beach...ahhhh!

72. My cats are my loyal friends --they know where their food comes from:(

73. I turn on the Today show each morning for news and weather

74. I spend too much money on magazines with articles on how to get organized and lose weight

75. I spend too much money!
76. Watching Sunday movies on the couch after church...Lovely!

77. I've always had a soft spot for a stray

78. I love to fold clean laundry (at anyone's house)

79. I love my brothers

80. I read the Book of Mormon every morning

81. I taught early morning seminary for 7 years

82. I drove into NYC by myself many times to visit Shannon

83. I once had to have my van towed from Erie to Butler ($200) with all the kids sitting in the front of the tow truck (the driver was chewing tobacco)

84. My kids always laugh at me when I refer to S E X as "relations"

85. I love peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches

86. I moved to Alaska with a girlfriend when I was 20 years old

87. I worked as a long distance telephone operator in Alaska

88. I love to "warble" whistle (much to the agony of others!)

89. Sometimes I like to cook

90. I'm known for my meatballs (sorry, Nate!)

91. I spend a lot of time watching over my mom and mother in law and father in law

92. I love my jeep

93. I enjoy making special breakfasts for my grandkids

94. "It's a Mexican Dinner" is fun with Jake, Ellie & Reilly

95. Birthdays are a big deal and turn into birthday weeks

96. I don't like phone calls on my birthday

97. I love to go grocery shopping

98. I don't like putting groceries away

99. I always made up silly songs for each of my kids
100. "In my garden" was my signature song sung with a "special voice"

101. I don't know how to type

102. I don't--don't--don't like parties

103. I like Rascal Flats

104. I become stiff when I walk on ice

105. When I was younger I had a parakeet for 13 years--his name was "Pogo"--I taught him how to talk


  1. i forgot about 'relations'. how could i forget?

    also, it has evolved into mirthday month at our house.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday. I made the mistake of calling you today, sorry about that. At least you weren't home and I left a message.