Tuesday, February 17, 2009

re-visited--skinny pants or a sister's love

speaking of that ken doll with the tight elvis costume - i promised a "re-visited" story... so here goes- this one's for you steve!
one day, back in the early 60's, my brother,steve, came to me with a dilemma. he had gotten a pair of pants from my parents that were not the "in" style of the day. tight pants were definately in and because he had unusually thin legs his pants were even more out of style. he begged me to help him fix his pants so that he would blend in with all the other "cool" guys. i loved my little brother and also loved my trusty sewing machine- so when you put the two together- voila! i sewed a seam down each leg of the infamous pants. when he started to try them on, they were too tight so i CUT the extra material on the seam. he struggled into them and was thrilled with the result. our parents had been out during all the tailoring. when they returned and saw steve walk into the room with those tight pants on, my mother was horrified.(obviously not a fan of the latest teen style!) i took full responsibility of the ruined pants . i don't remember what happened to either of us because of that incident, but i do remember that we bonded with that activity and remembered it to this day. ..oh the things you do for the ones you love!

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  1. Always in the service of others...aren't ya! :)