Friday, February 27, 2009

new list- ok, i'll try...

this is my first time with a list- so here goes..
1. sitting at the computer, the zombies attack- what is your plan? if they saw me tonight, they would be long gone! i'm getting my hair done tomorrow. enough said.
2. what is your favorite scar and how did you get it? i have a small scar on my lower lip. when i was 4 years old i had a neat tricycle. i remember thinking that i should be able to go down the porch steps - it just made sense- Hello- not quite! i remember seeing my mom through the window on the phone as i quickly descended the steps. yow!
3. what is your deepest fear? that not all my kids will be active members in the church.
4. have you done anything illegal? yes, i did do a bit of underage drinking- my friends were all older than me. oh, here's one- i don't always charge sales tax... gulp! there, i've said it.
5. birthmark? nope- unless it's in the middle of my back and no one has told me about it!
6. during your childhood what did you do that your mother would have killed you for had she found out? the usual college stuff- first time away from home- luckily, i survived . i can't think of anything- "sherry aikin was a good girl" (i used to write that in my books!)
7. what is your favorite sense? hmmm-all pretty important- i do love to listen to music and outdoor sounds, but sight wins, i think
8. what do other people do that drive you insane? eat the last of something and then put the container back in the frige or cupboard.. gggrrr...
9. most embarrassing moment? we were at dinner in texas. i didn't know anyone- kind of a hippy group- really- hippies(!) we were all sitting at the table -eating and visiting- i was trying to blend in and not be noticed as i was not the hippy type. i noticed a candy can on the table and took it and opened it- it was one of those booby-trapped gags- a long spring came shooting out - everyone howled- they were just waiting to see who would bite!!
10. what is the coolest thing you ever created? besides my children- a huge mural at the elementary school during desert storm. it was a whale with small fish all around- the students put their names on the fish. i love making murals.
11. when you were a kid, what did you just not understand until you were older? my mother said we would get polio if we didn't take a nap- it wasn't until much later that she said she had just wanted us to take naps!
12. if you could take a trip, where would it be? why? france and scotland- to search my roots.
13. what is your current addiction? tv movies-- help!!
14. what do you think everyone should experience at least once? being made fun of. you become aware of the power of the tongue and hurtful words.
15. what is your ultimate breakfast? waffles, waffles, and more waffles.
16. if you could recommend any website due to its high humor content, what would you recommend? my girls are pretty darn funny.
17. you are walking down the street and yow(!) there's those darned zombies again- what to do? well hopefully i still won't have my hair done yet- so bye, bye.
18. favorite tv show as a kid- several- micky mouse club, twilight zone, american bandstand, the ed sullivan show... wow! am i showing those soon to be 62 years!
19. please elaborate on your theory as to why the tv. remote control has too many unused buttons. maybe it's all set for the future- when the time comes, the existing control will serve us without buying a new revised one.
20. what is the longest you have ever stayed awake? why? i guess when i was in labor with seth- couldn't sleep in between contractions because i was so nauseated- all evening, night and then for awhile after he was born- almost 24 hrs, i guess.


  1. WHAT???? underage drinking???? awesome. so there was more rebellion than just the glue thing.

    also, I think Josie may be getting polio at the nap rate she has been having lately. :)

  2. aarrrrgggg!!!! i knew i would regret baring (sp?)all. you do know that i wasn't in the church at that point. :o)

  3. that's ok, it just proves that you are human!!!