Sunday, March 1, 2009


this will be a short one. i had a wonderful birthday yesterday- when i got home from shopping, a good friend had dropped off a plant and 2 bags of my favorite candy. well, i opened one (licorace allsorts) and ate about 15 pieces of it! totally discusted with myself and full of sugar, i took the rest of the bag and threw it in the trash can next to the computer. good move-right? wrong! when i got back from katie's and nate's house tonight, i sat down to check my emails and found myself DIGGING THROUGH THE TRASH picking out all the candy i had thrown away yesterday!!! :o( and i ate it, too! i had a passing thought of george costanza -yikes! i am so hopeless- well, tomorrow is another day (and besides all the "trash-candy" is gone).


  1. oh man, I wish you would have brought some trash candy over here. that jello was just a teaser. maybe i will break into those marshmallows again. hmmmmm

  2. That really IS hopeless! I would never do such a thing (ho ho ho)

    You have definitely passed down your zero resistance to candy gene to me! I can just picture you rifling through the trash!

    When you come to visit me, you always say, "Ok now, we're going to eat healthy! No junk or candy!" So I never have my candy jar stocked and then you razz me the whole time about how it's the worst candy jar you've ever seen...

    Some even call my candy jar "Harlem Halloween"

  3. We are kindred spirits. I just found out the delight of licorice allsorts. And, I have been known to dig through my trash. I hope your birthday was very nice. I look forward to a good visit when you come. I hope that you have time.