Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday thoughts

after reading all of your thoughts on this sabbath day- i was inspired to write- mainly for my own benefit. it seems like we're all on different pages today.
this was a tough day from the start- every day that passes, seems to bring the reality closer that virginia isn't here. today was the 1st sunday that i didn't visit her- (actually, i went to her apartment to meet the guy who was buying her furniture- sabbath busting agreement!!) i have spent the past week over there trying to get everything finished by today. looking through all the pictures and reading just a handful of EVERY note and card that she received in the past 4 years and then another box full of the same that she brought up with her from past years (we had run out of time when we moved her from florida so we just brought a few boxes - sight unseen up with her) was like going back in time and reliving all of that again. it has been a very emotional and lonely week for me.
i was glad for the opportunity to help teach in primary today- the new teacher is a new member and so-- new in the gospel- i will teach for the next 2 weeks and then she'll be on her own. this is such a great calling for a new member as she can learn basics right along with the children. my first calling was teaching the 4 year olds - not overwhelming as a new member and one i loved. also, playing the piano for the jr. primary today helped me feel the sweet spirit of those songs. those little ones are so pure.
watching gram's furniture going out the door and on to the truck was difficult to watch. i remember going shopping with my sister-in-law to pick out everything- we decided on a beautiful white bedroom set- it looked like one fit for a princess- oval mirror, bedside table, dresser and pretty matching headboard. i found a pretty bedspread on sale and curtains at goodwill for the whole apartment. she loved roses, so i brought rose plates over from my shop and hung them on the wall. i think we were more thrilled with how nice everything looked than she was- but then i have to remember that this was a huge move for her at 85 years old, and as long as she was comfortable, that's what was important to her.
i scheduled 2 days of pressure canning classes this week and also have to go wed. to get my taxes done- maybe the activity will draw me out of this down feeling. i so wish virginia had been interested in religion- i can't imagine not having faith in my life. and so i guess i will just go through the motions tomorrow and know that this will become easier once i get through this - as time goes on.


  1. I wish I could have been there to help you and be a support to you this past week. I'm glad you got through it, though...XO

  2. Hopefully Josie helped cheer you up today. even though she tore your house apart and knocked a bunch of stuff over and spilled some things, and tossed Sally around.,... She is usually good for a smile. :)