Thursday, February 26, 2009

spring clean-up

the snow melted over-night- what a nice surprise! now, i'd like to know where all this debris came from. i don't recall this stuff lying around in the fall: broken birdfeeders, deflated soccer balls, dead potted plants, sheets of crumpled newspaper, stems of artificial flowers, lots of cracked pots, swing pillows with knawed holes (thanks, squirrels) hundreds of branches and twigs, pieces of boxes, broken fence pieces, a heap of shop christmas decorations, tomato cages, whew! i've missed listing others, but you get the idea- a complete mess. maybe i miss the snow... it's like a big blouse- it covers the imperfections. now that i'm feeling better, i'm anxious to get out there with several (10?) black bags and go to work. i'm not complaining, i love yard work and seeing the results of time spent there. as i get older, a smaller yard would be best, but i'll take what i have and be grateful. .. wait...., is that a snowflake?... heh,heh


  1. I'm going through the same seemed like we got all this stuff picked up in the fall....Where did it all come from?!
    I'm anxious for spring so bad right now...It's getting up to 50 degrees today! It makes it hard not to be excited for spring when we get days like's a total tease!

  2. nice! Our weather here is good too, I think it's time to put the winter coats away. I hope...

  3. we drove around with the windows open today. Josie was saying "birds, birds!!!" and getting very excited that she could hear the birds.

    Where the heck did the soccer balls come from???

  4. balls?!! who knows- think it was a reject from the summer.