Monday, January 19, 2009


shannon's post just reminded me of a time when i would walk through the fields near our house in middlesex rd., fredonia, n.y. i always loved those fields and wooded areas (totally built up now) and took many opportunities to explore. sometimes i would imagine myself as a pioneer- "what could i find for food to live on out here in the wilderness?" (no, i wasn't a mormon back then.) i also remember spotting various animal tracks- rabbit, deer, pheasant, and ones i didn't recognize. during a wet spring day- i found some interesting tracks and poured plaster in them, pulled them up and had some neat permanent animal tracks . what wonderful times i had outside as a kid. i would wish those simpler times for my grandchildren.


  1. I live these revisited posts...It's so interesting to find out little special moments like that about your childhood...keep them coming...

  2. i don't think you have to worry about not having siimple times for Josie. Just give her a bracelet and a ball of yarn, and we are set. :) thanks for sharing! It is nice to know that your mom is a real person and not just that mom lady that feeds us.