Friday, January 16, 2009

pre- wedding jitters

yes, the pre wedding jitters are being felt here by -of all people- the mom! we worry about our beautiful daughters finding that certain wonderful young man (of our dreams) that will honor and cherish them through whatever situations may arise . we ,as moms, know our daughters - their quirks, strengths and weaknesses as young girls and think we know what their needs are now, as young adults. we need to trust them that they are trusting their hearts in choosing that special young man who will fill in the gaps and help them become all that they may be.
sometimes it's the financial wizard with his feet well grounded, or maybe the sweet, hardworking, lover of children, or maybe even the young man who turned his life around and was so blessed because of this change. in the most current case, he came from around the world- his sweet \, calming nature is just what is prescribed and so on this note, i take a few deep breaths and thank my Heavenly Father for watching over my girls- placing certain young men in their paths and letting them make their own choices . nighty night, jojo i love you.

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