Friday, January 30, 2009


when i was a young girl, i had two close friends-lynn marquart and susie wooden. lynn lived in the upstairs apartment and susie lived a few houses away. being three girls, one of us was always on the outs (girls are like that!). whichever two girls got together first were best friends for that moment.
one day, lynn and i hooked up and decided to play a trick on susie. we found an empty candy box and stones that would fit in each little candy compartment. we proceeded to color each stone with colored chaulk to make it look like"real"candy... candy that susie would take a big bite of and hit a stone with her teeth. (were we crazy?) we ran to her house, set the candy box on her porch and hid behind her porch..... then the guilt set in- i remember having visions of her breaking her teeth and crying- i felt so terrible and ended up going over and apologizing to her.
i don't remember ever pairing off like that again. lesson learned.

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  1. add this to the "glue' list. you know, the 2 things in your life that you ever did that were bad.