Tuesday, January 6, 2009


first of all , i have to tell you that i have been obsessed with "clean house"- a program on tv. that goes in, earmarks items for a huge yard sale - has it , and then matches the profits and takes that $ and completely makes-over the areas in the house that were usually disasterous. i have become so inspired by this show that i have decided to become ruthless in my own disast-opps- home. ssooooo, i was cleaning the downstairs- stuffing various treasures- now junk- into black bags (so i can't see it and change my mind), and in the process, i went upstairs for something and happened to open the spice cupboard- yow! what has been going on in there and why haven't i noticed it before??? leaving the downstairs project hanging, i began to empty the cupboard. i filled a small trash bag with old spices, flavors and empty containers. i'm sure that all the company i'm having in the next week and a half will be so impressed! (did i mention that joanna is being married ,yay, in just over a week and her new inlaws will be here- along with shannon,brian and kids and nella)-soo-o you can see why this project (the spice cupboard) was top priority. AM I NUTS? you don't need to answer that- but, do you find yourself doing the same kind of things? and is your spice cupboard neat?


  1. you know i am major scatterbrain, and no, my spice cupboard is not neat. anymore. (again, you probably see it more than I do.) hah.

  2. we all take after you, so no worries. wait until you see the "messiest home in america" episodes of clean house... those are disgustingly the best!

  3. I love clean house as well...but me being the anti-pack rat that I am finds that I want to reach into the television and karate chop everyone.

    I am soooooo checking that spice cupboard of yours the minute we arrive...
    Looking forward to seeing you--------

  4. I love that show too, but we do not get it here. My hat is off to you for the clean house goal. I am living in the midst of a semi-disaster! I know I need to de-clutter, but.... And, I need some lessons from Shannon on how to be an anti-pack rat. At least I know what I have in my spice cupboard if not the exact location!