Wednesday, January 28, 2009

american idol

i am an american idol purist and i take this title very seriously...

i mean it!

the only phone calls taken or made during this 1 hour program take place during one of the many advertisement breaks and then i must be back on the couch before the show resumes. during the few months that idol is on, all tues. and wed. activities are put on hold and the phone stays by my side so that i can call the other idol fans to compare notes. the most serious season was 2 years ago when taylor hicks ultimately won the title.

my daughter, nella (who, by the way, is another idol purist and probably the only other one i know), made me a "taylor hicks" tee shirt. that was the year i turned 60. i will never forget it. oh yes, my family had a huge surprise party for me , my brothers flew in and shannon had a wonderful memory book made and managed to drive here with brian and gang and leave the same night as the party because of a winter storm that was headed in. that was SOME evening- unforgetable--but,being an idol purist, the party took second place to taylor's victory and the many nights of cheering and redial-voting - a true highlight of that year.

**do you like taylor hicks?...yes or no (circle one)


  1. yes then,,, when he was actually singing, and NO now. he has offered nothing to the musical world since then. bummer.

    ps, where did you get that awesome header? it is truly a work of art. the person who did that must be gifted. heh heh.

  2. *sigh* Taylor.. Well you can still YouTube him. I've got Josh hooked on the show, as well. He cried tonight when the hippie girl was on at the end. I don't know how I feel about this year of Idol yet. Last year was really good. I'll never forget making Josh and I get back to our hotel room early on our honeymoon so we could watch the finale last year. Good Times!

  3. haha, sounds like me forcing Stephan to watch a few shows, including Idol on our honeymoon. Good times. Hey, I almost cried during the hippie girl's speal too! almost. Why would they go through her whole sob story and then not let her in, no matter what her voice sounded like. She reminds me of the singer Natalie Merchant. Anyways, I'm on a tangent.
    I like Idol, and I predict Stephan will be converted by the end of his time here in the states. (that only gives me less than a month!)

  4. p.s. Mom, I like your profile change/update.