Thursday, January 15, 2009

finally, my goal

nothing like dragging my feet and everything else before i chose my goal for the year. "simplify" is the much needed goal that i have selected. i think i draw everyone else into my "web" of activities. i have too many things and they are beginning to mean less and less to me. i want to be able to concentrate on the more important and eternal things in this life and so i will work daily on - first of all , eliminating physical objects in my home- i still have to have "stuff" for my shop- but i will be more selective with that, too- only things that I like and want to sell. i have already worked on this goal for several days and YOW!!! what a freeing experience!! this might be more than just a chore- the process itself will be the goal... wish me luck, girls...

1 comment:

  1. ok, good luck! by web of activities, you mean 'web of disorganization' don't you? thats one of your favorite phrase. i love it. so true. so... ME. unforturately. thats why i chose the word 'lose'. i can stand to lose a lot of things. as long as none of those are my wallet again.