Saturday, January 10, 2009


at a certain point in our lives we realize that we've lived more of our lives than we have left to live. after reading my girls' blogs i can see how just the seemingly insignificant incidents are the memories that we take on this journey. i have 61 years of these moments (not counting the first year of my life) and want to journal these as they come back to me. and so we begin...
the very first memory i have of anything is a short, but sweet one of my mother's brother- robert steele- uncle bob. i never really knew him, but i do remember being lifted up in strong arms and held with love- i can still feel that love- isn't that amazing?! my mom had taken my brother, doug, and me to nebraska to visit her mom- grandma steele. my mom said i was just a baby-well under 2 years old, and my uncle came to visit - it was evening and i was asleep when he came in. he always loved children - had 1 or 2 of his own, but they died at birth- his wife also died and he eventually remarried and adopted a daughter- sharon. he died in his early 50's- so i never was able to see him again (they had moved to california).
that memory was brought up because of a dream last night-. in the dream, i found out that uncle bob was here to visit and i was going to see him- i had such a great feeling of anticipation - i don't remember the rest of this dream--- rats- i hate those dream lapses- at the time, everything is so real.
i will try to "revisit" at least weekly or as the moments arise.

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  1. What a neat memory! I hope you will continue "revisiting" and recording things as you remember them...I enjoy hearing them through your eyes...:0)