Thursday, January 22, 2009

nat'l pie day

well- i heard that tomorrow is national pie day-- what do you do with that one? make one? or eat one. i prefer the latter, but as i braved the scale this am (the one in our vet's office- meant for large dogs (oh my)) i realized that it registered like i HAD already eaten one!
years ago, when we were into the farm show scene, i entered the home baked category and attempted an apple pie...
i entered 2 years in a row and won 2nd place the first time- (1996) for a "blapple pie"- a combination of bluberries and apples. the next year i was determined to win and entered an apple crisp, apple pie. i don't have either recipe- one was completely faded off the card and the other wasn't kept for some reason- don't ask me why, because i won 1st place for that one!( i have a large blue ribbon to prove it). i could have gone to harrisburg to compete on the state level, but it was in the winter- too risky to travel across the state and too expensive. i accomplished what i set out for and so that was that.
i have tried many pie crust recipes- the winning one goes as follows:
2 cups flour
1 cup shortening
2TBL. vinegar
1/4 cup milk
chill in frige overnight- ergo the flaky crust.
my grandma steele's tip was to really blend the crisco in, but work the liquids in with the least amt. of mixing. good luck future blue- ribbon pie makers...


  1. seeing that I don't cook or bake, I will keep this on hand for Josie. Happy Pie Day!

  2. are you still up??!! we are nuts!

  3. Mom--I did not get your pie making genes! :(
    I'm happy to have your crust recipe, though...
    Maybe this will be my year for the pie!