Saturday, May 2, 2009

update on the trash house

today( sat.) was the day that we had set aside to start cleaning the house in saxonburg. the owner got a dumpster yesterday and has it for 10 days. i arrived at 8:30 so i could set up a table and get the gloves, etc. out and organized. i also had a paper for the owner to sign- giving us permission to do this project.
it's hard to put into words how unbelievable this whole situation is. here are a few shots of the dumpster and a few of the workers.
this is a photo of gail- black shirt, white pants- she came to buy and stayed the whole time - sorting and lifting heavy bags. she is a hair dresser in town and came with full makeup on! i enjoyed working with her- she's bringing her daughter for tues. workday.

that's seth and me up by the garage -we actually got everything picked up in that area and seth got the garage door shut (it's full to the brim) . that is the only area that we got to , so we will be going back tues. it's physically hard work as the boxes are full and wet and many of them break when lifted.

we had tables set up and sold some of the stuff- she made $60 from donations that day.

this woman and her husband took a large bag full of stuff and then stayed to help- thank you, thank you, thank you--- we needed lots more hands. the owner (sandy) actually started to take things out as soon as we began dumping- she made many comments about the stuff being good stuff- it was difficult dealing with her- sometimes i was very blunt with her- reminding her of the time crunch and $1000 fine.

lots of cars drove by slowly to see what was finally being done at the notorious house on main street. more after we finish tues. workday.


  1. whoah! do you expect to be done by tuesday?

  2. NO, NO, NO and NO! i'm headed over there right now- we're talking about calling the dept. of health this am. they may condemn the whole place. guess this woman is a carrier for merca (not sure of the spelling- it's a staf, infection situation- pretty serious)- so, i won't be going into her house again today.