Saturday, May 9, 2009

sat. at the succop conservancy

today was our big sale at the master gardener's show. we set up the tents last night and got there at 6am today to set up our valuable stuff! lots of activity and tons of people. the "squirrel" had lots of exposure. here are some shots of our area.

(we were lucky number 13!)

(sorry, nella, your angel sold)... this rack had 7 flower arrangements that i made last night from flowers in the yard. they looked pretty in clear sugar bowls that i purchased for .29- .59 each. i sold 3 of them and gave 2 away. - made $18 on them- not too bad, but don't know if it was worth the work.

we cleaned up a few hours early because of high winds- whew! what a day! i did get to walk around with josie for a little while though, and watch her gobble up a hot dog. she was "watering" everything that did or didn't need it with 2 watering cans that i got her.
( every girl needs several watering cans..) she was a bit wound up and katie was worn out. fun was had by all!

here is the old metal rocker that i was going to sell at this show. a woman came by and bought it before i even repainted and recovered it. she still wanted me to recover it (rats). what a bugger to recover-- i got $100 for this -- well worth it after working on it!

chair after i delivered it and set it in her new garden...

at the end of the day, as i was driving out, i took one last look at the pond that was right behind our area and saw this peaceful scene- a canadian geese family... a really beautiful location for a show. ..until next year...


  1. Love all of those pictures!!

    Great job on the rocker!!

    Those baby geese are so cute! That really was an ideal location...