Saturday, May 9, 2009

further trash house news...

it's been a few days since we basically completed the project in saxonburg!!!!! we are still going to put some plants and mulch in and then try to visit sandy on a weekly basis- hoping to gain her trust and friendship so that we can help her clean out the garage. here is that mess before we got the door closed- it really looks like this.

the entire garage is like this shot.

- mostly avon boxes- FULL of avon products and jewelry.

we had a wonderful work crew on tues. people just kept coming- lots of interest in the items we put out for sale. notice the cars lined up on the road- it was like that off and on all day.
we made $100.00 for sandy and she also sold a piece of lawn equipment for another $100.00. we worked from 9:00 am 'til 7:30 pm. i made lots of new friends- people who truly cared- not to judge, but realized that this woman needs help- in more than one area.
these are all "before" and "after" shots - i will take some more of the" gravel spreading in the rain "project (the next evening) when i go back this next week. a few scouts cleaned her gutters and their leader mowed (in the rain) and 3 more of us shoveled a pile of gravel around the driveway and over landscaping material and in between 7 pavers that we put down. what a transformation- photos on that later.
these are "before" of the breezeway...

the "after" shot- lots of hard work and pitching... notice my mask- we had to wear those when we did that porch.

we had to put cardboard down because of the mud. the next evening , we put material down and spread gravel. were we tired??? i realized all 62 years of my body after that project was done.


  1. holy cow!!! that is amazing!

  2. quite a transformation mom!

  3. wow! what an energizer bunny you are! you should be the head of that woman's committee!

  4. You are an amazing person, mom! To think that you were the person behind bringing the community together and getting this accomplishied! You should feel so proud! I am in awe by you...

    You probably considered this a vacation just like you considered it one when you were donating blood! :(

    Where's the picture with you and Sandy together?