Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers' day recap

this is the vegetable garden that doug sent mom- she didn't understand it and wanted me to take it- everyone thought it was the best! i have fixed 2 salads from it so far. happy mothers' day to me!!
we had a nice day today- went to church and that turned out to be a good service- i played for the primary as they sang 2 songs in sacrament. all the women were given a gift bag with chocolate and a wonderful cd - instrumental versions of early american hymns. one sister struggled as she gave her talk. she said she felt very unworthy to be speaking on this day. she told of how her mom took her and her sister in the middle of the night to a safe place and then worked cleaning apartments for a place for them to live. her father was abusive. she credited all the women who had been an example to her and helped her to be the person she is today. she teaches young children and has a natural way with them. i gave her one of the small arrangements of lilies of the valley that i had taken for the podium today. her talk was touching and helped me realize how fortunate i have been in my life. thanks becca.

i took 2 small vases of those and a large one of bleeding hearts , from my garden (my grandma aikin's favorite) , and carnations (from my brother doug).

josie LOVES to smell flowers...

fixed hot dogs ,cole slaw beans and reads german potato salad with boston cream pie (yay) for dessert. katie, nate, and josie and my mom came . it was a good day- i thought of virginia, my mother-in-law and missed her. i wore her ring today and that felt good. we also used her silverware for dinner. here are some photos etc. of the day...

4 generations..

this was supposed to be a darned cute video - sorry, it didn't work..
happy mothers' day to all of you - we are blessed by being moms, and having good moms and good grandmas. i'm sure someday we will all get together and compare notes!


  1. That veggie basket is really neat!

    I love your flower arrangements...all we had were those fake tulips and that wacky Hawaiian looking leaf on the organ! :(

    So glad you had a nice Mother's Day...sorry you never got my card... :( Does this mean I'm going to be demoted from your speed dial?

    I really like the 4 generation pictures...I'm glad that we were able to get one with Grandma a few years ago...(it was when she came for a visit when we all went to the Crayola factory ahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr--agony!) remember that?!--reilly was a baby...

  2. cute pictures, wish I could've been there to celebrate!

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