Thursday, May 14, 2009

grandmotherly duties

i'm trying to be a good grandma.... i always take stuff to jake, reilly and ellie, and have a project we do together so that when i'm old(er) and decrepit, they will remember "granny".
i don't have a picture of them on this camera- yikes! not a very good start for a great granny...
i'm fortunate that josie is here and i can spend quality time with her...
i love to share the things i care about with all my grandkids...
and teach them to appreciate the things around them...
i don't know where this fits in to this whole story, but kids always like to go to grandma's and granny's houses- where they can do the unthinkable...
so now that i will be banned from future babysitting favors, i must say--- I DIDN'T DO THIS - i just took the picture-- honest! anyway, i'm looking forward to spending time with j,r, and e soon and having them visit in august.


  1. WHAT????? where the heck was I??? who even had this idea/??

    this is too funny.

  2. how did she get up there? are you going to visit Shannon soon?

  3. i'm hoping to- we're both so busy and i want to make sure katie is settled first- also have to go to buffalo with gram's ashes...

  4. how DID she get up there??? when are you going to shannon's? Don't forget I'm coming home the end of June! Are you still thinking of coming out here anytime soon? My home could use your decor!

  5. so, back to the kid on the jeep. why? and another question,,, where the heck were this kid's parents???

  6. actually, one of them had a hand in it! :o)