Saturday, December 27, 2008

will they ever end?

oh my gosh- i just watched the one gazillionth christmas movie of the season, and i must say that when you see larry levinson 's name on the credits you know you are in for 2 hours of insanity- but here is the insane part of all of this---- i continue to watch-- am i hoping that they will get better? or am i that desperate for christmas movies- bingo- i am truly an addict. today was a marathon of christmas movies - mostly his movies and between watching as many as i could, "visiting" (i say that loosely) my mother- in-law- who acts like she has a bone to pick with me, and spending 2 hours (yes, i said 2 hours) in walmart- mostly looking at cheap movies to buy-(i told you i was an addict), i have accomplished absolutely nothing today- but, hey it felt pretty good to do exactly what I wanted to do (except for the mother- in-law thingy). i don't sound very compassionate towards her, but something - maybe just in her mind, has changed on that front- more about that another time- bed for now as i have an early meeting before church. nighty-night girls.


  1. What's your favorite christmas movie of all time?
    You've certainly been the epitamy of service over the last few years since Gram & George have moved up to PA. You're a saint, mom...Just hang in there. Can't wait to hear what your new calling is.....

  2. i love "elf", "one magic christmas""miracle on 34th street" "it's a wonderful life" and several newer ones(not larry levinson's). as far as gram and company goes- we will all be where they are - it's difficult growing older and seeing your life change without any doings of your own. i've seen that happening in my own life, and it's so important that you have caring family there. i just hope that i will recognize and appreciate that when i am there.