Sunday, December 14, 2008


well, well well... here i am writing on my blog, (is it "on"or "in"?) which 3 weeks ago i never knew even the word existed! my kids will be shocked to see this . what a great way to keep track of events and thoughts and to read the oh, so clever comments of my girls. i actually had tears in my eyes when i read their stories. i so love being a mom at times like this.
i fixed "boiled dinner" for my youngest daughter for probably the last time in a long time as she and josh are moving to utah after christmas-- waaaa. we all oohed and ahhd over the boiled cabbage, ham, potatoes and carrots-- have i told you that i love food? sometimes i wonder what the statis of cake, spinach and white meat is in the life beyond.
i keep running back and forth between this and the latest christmas movie on" lifetime" (oh yes, i love christmas movies, too.) i think the movie is winning. 'til next time-


  1. great first blog mom. You'll be a regular yet:-) I think this will be a great way to keep track of each other, besides phone calls, when we all are living in different places/countries:-)

  2. yeah, good job Mom!!! Shannon will have major blog-envy now! :)