Monday, December 15, 2008

something new!

i actually said "no" to a planned event.... yow! thanks to shannon's advice to take control over my life- i was able to conjure up enough courage to tell a friend that i wouldn't be able to drive to her home tonight - 45 mins. away in the rain and falling temps. to look at the jewelry that i had no intention of buying with the money that i don't have. this is a start-- will i be able to assert myself when i don't have all the reasons that i did tonight?... tune in for that chapter.


  1. hah. this blogging thing is good for you. Now you can keep track of your goals and we (your blog-stalkers) will hold you to your word. heh heh.

  2. its good to get your thoughts down. i'm glad you said "no". good move. you should make it a resolution to reject people more often :) ..kidding.

  3. Yeah for mom!!! Stick with it, I definitely think that the more you are aware of what you can handle, and are able to be upfront with people about that, life will be way less stressful.