Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tomorrow-- another new day

ok- that's IT!! tomorrow i will NOT eat 2 plates of topcheese, chips, gucamole dip and DIET squirt, ... but i will think of the memory.
i'm listening to kenny g's "auld lang syne" to that background music, there is a recap of the events that rocked the world as we know it. it never ceases to bring tears to me, as many of the events seem still fresh with me- things that are not easily gotten over- pres. kennedy's death. i was a senior in high school and in study hall - we all made our way to the current events room where there was a tv and stood in shock as the story unfolded. i walked home that day instead of taking the bus. a woman i passed said "did you hear?" "yes", i said - i didn't want to talk about it - it made it all seem true and i didn't want it to be true. i was glued to the tv set and we all saw jack ruby shoot lee harvy oswald who was the supposed assassin-- right on our tv- and then the funeral- my parents couldn't understand why i had to eat in front of the tv and not in the kitchen with them. it was a life changing happening and will always be with me and so many others that witnessed it.
on that note, i will retire to my bed- there's a party going on in the living room .. let's hope for a clean kitchen in the am. i ask for very little.


  1. see my christmas wish list... clean laundry, dishes done... a Christmas miracle?? yup, this year it has to be one!
    the earliest tramatic world event i can remember was the Challenger explosion. We were watching sesame street, and the news came on and you were trying to explain to me why heavenly father took a nice teacher to heaven in a spaceship. (this is the memory that my 5 year old brain at the time has left for me.) It was very sad and Seth just wanted to see Super Grover.

  2. very sad. that song gets me every time, too. the most recent in my mind was 9/11, as a sophmore in high school in Mr. Goldinger's history class, and that was how we spent every class, watching tv. people came to pick their kids up from school early, and the nation was glued to the tv for the next week.

    on that note... thankyou so much for quietly cleaning up while i was enjoying seeing my friends for the last time in a long time. very thoughtful :)

  3. just call us 'debby downers'. wow, depressing.