Tuesday, December 16, 2008

red tree spritzs

well, this must be the beginning of many changes for me-- i totally broke the christmas cookie tradition of green spritz cookies. after mixing up a double batch , i realized i had no green food color, so i bit the bullet and poured in the red. do you girls think i've gone completely over the edge? i now have dozens of red tree cookies and in the grand scheme of things- i guess that's not so bad.
i so enjoyed my evening baking cookies and listening to a christmas cd (that i'm totally ga-ga over), and thinking how very wonderful things are (not including the economy, war , poverty, and hunger throughout the world) .it was just at that moment i felt very blessed. christmas does bring out the best in most of us --- except the old lady at the post office today. she had sealed one of those priority boxes and was desperately trying to open it back up- to stuff something more in it. i helped her, and she started going on about how sick she was of christmas and how she wasn't doing this again. yow! maybe she won't have to do that again--- she was pretty old. i should have given her the pep talk that shannon gave me on how to say "no".... another time...


  1. red tree spritz cookies taste just the same as green tree spritz cookies and I will love them just the same when you send me some. Hehe. thanks!!

  2. hm. i guess they taste the same. the color always throws me off. oh well. cookies are cookies, and those spritz will be gone pretty quick, no matter what the color! yuck, i can't stand crabby old ladies.

  3. I feel bad for that lady at the post office. Thats a crappy attitude to have - especially during the holidays. You should have given her your token pass along card! heh heh.
    ps, i love cookies, even when they are burned, so red ones wont phase me at all. :)

  4. i really like cookies. especially red ones :) so if you wanted to spend a little more time at the post office with cranky ladies, i wouldnt be offended if you sent me some.