Wednesday, February 2, 2011

40 years and counting!

my first daughter turned 40 today!  where have all those years gone?  i think it was just yesterday when we lived in alaska  and were making that short trip to the airforce base hospital . what a  cold feb. day that was.  i remember getting into the elevator and having a contraction and wondering what was in store for me! we didn't know if our baby was a boy or girl, but i was excited to be able to hold her in my arms. the girls at my work place had given me gifts- a beautiful pink blanket and diaper service. (yes, we used real, cloth diapers back then!).  i was in a ward with 8 other ladies and we were separated by curtains. only one woman was breastfeeding ( that wasn't in vogue then).  we all thought she was a hippy because of that.
 i so remember the moment i bonded with my little baby girl. we were awakened every 4 hours to walk down to the nursery for feedings. i was sleeping and had a dream that my baby was crying out for me and needed me. i woke with a start and couldn't wait to get to the nursery room. i could see her little head from a distance as she had a full head of dark hair that stood up all over the place. she was the only one like that and the other women had all commented on her hair. i rushed over to her and felt a flood of love, protection  and relief to see that she was all right. i was truly a mother in that instant.
 when we returned home with our little bundle, we settled her down in the crib and my husband left for work. i needed to take a shower and that task took FOREVER, as i turned the water off every few minutes to listen for her.  it's amazing that all parties concerned survive their first born!
 well, 40 years have come and gone and shannon and i have experienced more than i could have ever imagined together. we started out as best friends and have ended up as best friends-- some rocky times in between, but i have a lifetime of wonderful memories with her.
 she has become a mother herself to 3 neat, interesting children and is doing her best to raise them as healthy, productive , sensitive individuals.  she is accomplished in whatever she takes on and always makes time to call me and be interested in my life.
 we look forward each year to a special trip and continue to make memories and enjoy spending time with each other.
 happy 40th birthday, shannon - life is good!


  1. very nice, mom! I can relate to you with the new mother story, and hope I have as good a relationship as you do with Shannon with my daughter when she is turns 40.

    Happy Birthday, Shannon!

  2. You brought a super woman into the world, for sure!! I'm happy you gave her the gift of life, as she is quite an entertaining friend!

    Happy Birthday, Shannon and Mom!