Thursday, February 24, 2011

red squirrel jr.

hey!!! i have taken the leap and rented a small  area in kensington court- a cute antique boutique in new kensington, pa. this is pretty exciting for me because it's another creative outlet AND i will actually get paid for the things i sell!  i am official on march 1st.
  this is what greeted me last week when i went to start setting up.! as sally fields said... "they like me, they like me!"

 wish me luck (and check out the place if you're nearby). my original red squirrel shop will be reopening in april.


  1. Sooo excited for you! Will you please post pictures of your set up? I'm anxious to see...

  2. when you are all done, i will take some pictures and get them posted for you. :) it looks great so far!