Saturday, February 5, 2011

40 years and counting...

 the dreaded traditional "blowing out the candles" picture. this particular cake had 40 candles and put out quite a bit of heat.  think it may have singed her hair! (that's ellie in the background- she was a little excited...)

after cutting her cake, shannon discovered that it  wasn't any ordinary cake- it was  a smith island  cake, from smith island, md. these cakes were  made by the women of the island with multi-layers  and sent along with their fishermen husbands when they went out to  fish at sea. the thin layers separated by frosting kept the cakes moist for extended time periods as opposed to regular cakes. we were able to taste these cakes when we were traveling this summer down the east coast on our yearly trip.  

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  1. This was indeed a happy memory! Thanks for surprising me with the cake...that was a real treat!!!! Thank you for writing this post...