Tuesday, January 4, 2011

red squirrel christmas open house

our annual christmas open house was held in november for 2 days this year. we had lots of fun- lots of buying and over-all good cheer. the food was great and the shop looked so festive.  enjoy pictures of the shop....


                                                                      blue section...
             "new" cupboard that i filled up with apple-pie filling, candy, jam,  and other homemade  goodies.
we fixed the dining room up in the house as part of the shop. these are the items that katie made and also sells on etsy.
                                              our" pillow and girly" corner in the dining room.
                                                          more in the dining room...

                                                  most of these things sold in the first hour!
                         i had a few items displayed on the porch before coming into the dining room.  the reason i only had 11 cups is because one was found on the porch floor- broken. some "visitor" had come in the middle of the night and disrupted things- was it an elf or pixy? -                                                                                                                                                     

NO.... i was able to actually see the culprit early in the morning of my open house. a large, brown RAT!, yes, rat, was crawling along the curtain rod on the porch. i left the door open all day- hoping he wouldn't pop out right in front of anyone at the open house. he must have gotten out, as we haven't had any more incidences on the porch.  (the exterminator came and found rat prints outside in the snow and set some traps- whew!) this is the trap we put on the porch - it was alot larger than it looks here.
a lot of work, but worth it!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Rat,,, here's a gift for you. heh heh. Your shop looked great!