Wednesday, March 25, 2009


well, ok- i read nella's post that had the "supersize" video on it- took me off and on all day but i got through it. the part that affected me the most was when he ordered his first big meal and had it supersized- 20 mins. later, he "lost" it all out the window of his car. his body had been healthy and not ready for the fat, grease, and sugar that he ate. today as i was driving around doing errands, i was starved, but kept seeing that image in my mind- so i kept on driving (yay!,sherry).
now, yesterday was another day . i had to go to cranberry- it was past lunch time and ,oh yes, i was starved again. i parked my car across the way from a sub shop and as i sat there i watched various people walk in and out. those coming out carried long red bags that contained "freshly, baked", warm cookies. i didn't see one person who looked to be of a "normal" weight, and it made me think of the previously mentioned video. now the reason i was sitting in my car was that it is very difficult to drive and eat a "chick-fil-a" sandwich, waffle fries and cole slaw (that is a vegetable, isn't it?). i have a weakness for chick-fil-a- . for one thing, the employees are so darned nice - they're not open on sun. and they serve caffine free, diet coke(pepsi some places). i look for any excuse to go there- this time, i had to take a skirt back to a store in that town- could have mailed it back for $5.00, but i wanted to save that money (it's a 45 min. drive- now let's see at $2.09 a gallon of gas--- hhmmmm). like i said, i look for any excuse .
well, tomorrow is another day- i have my dr. appointment mon. where i will get weighed in and probably have the riot act read to me.
if i could just remember that my 45th school reunion is in aug. - that might be the way to cut down and get myself under control. wish me luck!


  1. I still haven't seen that movie yet!
    I think it helps that you have an event coming up where you'll be seeing people who haven't seen you in a long time...that would definitely be motivation for me! :)

  2. if I had to judge from those pictures I saw of your last reunion, You could probably gain 50 pounds and still be the thinnest one there.

    If I had to judge...


  3. i guess you really don't need to watch the movie. just look around at these people going to fast food places. were you parked in front of DiBella's? mmm... they have the BEST cookies! (my weakness)

  4. your reunion might be a great motivation to lose weight. I was hoping my reunion with Stephan in a few days was a good enough motivation, but not so....