Friday, December 10, 2010

birthday girl!

  a sweet  little christmas baby-. i wasn't a young mom at that point,  but this was a special one because she would be the last. there's something special about each of your children and she was the baby- forever. in the early years, she was a shadow to me. our daily trips to the school to fill the duties of pto president, were sweet- i always had a little buddy. her little red shoes and funny hats were her trademark, and the teachers and principal all knew her. she has been my friend for these many years- watching movies, cooking, shopping, decorating and giving me beauty and fashion tips. (what would we do  without our children?)
  dec. 11th  marks the quarter- century birthday of my baby!  yes, 25 years ago, we decided to get to the hospital in kittanning before the snowstorm hit. i didn't think i was quite ready to leave home, but didn't want to get snow-bound at home with 3 little kids and another on its way out. (i never found out what any of our kids were, so it was like christmas morning when the dr. would say---"it's a healthy girl/boy!" ). when i got to the hospital, i thought i would just sit in the lobby until i had to go to the labor area, but after checking me- that wasn't going to fly.  i was further along than i supposed.  our baby girl was born shortly afterwards . we didn't name her right away- in fact it took several days. the dreaded snowstorm finally hit and no one could get through to visit me so i spent several days in the hospital instead of going right home.
  and now my baby,"nella",  has a baby- a little girl- "lucy" who greatly resembles her mom at this age. this great circle of life goes on and is such a gift. i am grateful for all of my children and especially nella at this wonderful time of the year. happy birthday, dearie! you have been a true blessing to me.


  1. Thanks for this little tribute! I can't a quarter of a century has passed so quickly!

  2. dont you also blame your bladder problems on Nella too? :)

    joking.... this was a nice post.

  3. nice post. I didn't know you didn't find out our genders until we were born! So you got a surprise every time!