Saturday, February 27, 2010

my day...

sunday is my birthday.
i've had a neat week building up to this day- katie has "mini-celebrated " it each day last week and some friends gave me cards and gifts and a BOSTON CREAM PIE!!! my younger brother, steve, sent me his usual custom made cd (this is the 6th one) and also an 18 minute dvd about my childhood, taken from old movies that my dad made years ago- in fact some were 63 years ago- what an awesome gift. as i watched it, i realized how utterly fast those years have gone by. it's amazing to watch myself as a baby , toddler, young child , and teenager (yow!) and to know what the future held . it was truly a touching moment for me.
i've been blessed with 63 years of living. my greatest blessings have been my family, and the fact that i found the gospel and the great knowledge and comfort it brings me. i have 6 wonderful children - they have kept me on my toes and helped me to attempt to be a good parent. i have learned patience, compassion, humor, humility, and love (to name a few) from them.
when i watched that tiny baby on film today i couldn't help but shed some tears for the great plan that my Father had in store for her.
savor the moments you have girls- they slip through your fingers so quickly. on that note, thanks for being the loyal children you have been. i'm looking forward to many more memories with all of you.
yay! for birthdays!


  1. nice job, mom! i hope when i get to that point in my life, i can look back and say that i've learned that much as well :)

  2. That's a really nice gift from Steve! I'm glad we got to talk on thursday:-)

  3. Aww... Happy Birthday! I am thankful for you. Your example and encouragement has meant a lot to me.

  4. I can't BELIEVE the comment I made last night did not go through!!! I feel like throwing myself off a bridge!

    I think this is a really sweet post. I really love what you wrote about how you felt when you saw yourself as a tiny are such a special person,'re truly one of a kind...Happy Birthday!! XOXO

  5. hmmmmm, yeah, i commented too, but something happened. I will take shannon's excuse. (heh heh) just kidding. I am just now reading this. I am glad you had a good birthday week, and we were able to celebrate it with you. :)