Monday, July 12, 2010

good day

every so often you have one of those "good days" and today was one of those. i woke up at 6:30 and went for my daily walk then came back and began working in the gardens. weeds were flying, plants were planted and everything started looking like the master plan. as i swept the walking stones and surveyed the final results, i almost forgot the many meltdowns earlier in the season when i "couldn't see the trees through the forest." (think that's backwards!!)
came in at 12:30,ate half a cantelope, showered, had a good hair day, and "de-catted " the house for the arrival of my sister- in law, who is allergic to cats. lynne arrived and brought a gift- oh my gosh- chocolate covered cashews! we then went to ding bats where we had great conversation and a wonderful steak dinner- dessert at dairy queen and then a quick trip to the chandlery shoppe in town where she picked out a pair of silver forest earrings. we visited some more and then she headed to bed where i am headed too. it may sound dull to some of you, but my life gets kind of hectic and this was just one of those layed back, do what i want, good days. see girls ? there is a light at the end of that tunnel!!! hang in there.


  1. wow- you were outside for 6 hours? heh. glad you had a nice laid-back day. you need more of those

  2. maybe you could have a 'good day' in our garden next summer. hehe