Saturday, April 3, 2010

a new day...

it's been so long since i have written, but so much has gone on - i need to journal it.
i have been super busy in the shop in town- doing the windows and fixing the place up in general. i still don't have red squirrel ready to open yet- but will in a few days.
i spent 5 days with shannon- painting her dining room, hallway, and old living room. it was a true marathon. shannon had flown here (delayed birthday gift) and spent fri and sat with me. we went to a fish fry, movie, visited friends, and worked in my shop. after sacrament mtg. on sun. we took off for her place and then spent the next 4 days painting, reconnecting with the kids, figuring out a"camera mystery" and beginning the southbeach diet together. (3 more days on the first phase!!! yay!!!)
when i returned home- nella reported that the dr. was going to induce labor on april 1st. also katie and nate and josie were getting ready for their trips in opposite directions. i watched josie for a day while katie made preparations.
i was also getting excited for conference which would be this weekend. i need that twice/year filling up of my tank!
nella called me many times on the first- keeping me updated on the labor progress- thanks so much!! i couldn't be there to be a part of it- so it meant so much to hear lucy's first cries. what a miracle that is- i will never get over the amazement- regardless of how many children and grandchildren i have.
i went to katie's this am to give josie one more hug before they left- she was having an umbrella frenzy and was just a bit wired up. i had given her a little tin suitcase, but the hinge was too complicated, so it had to be left behind- but she does have gum and a magic dollar to spend at her other grandma's.
took katie to the airport at 3:00 and got home right as 2nd session was ending- well, i can read it in the ensign. i did watch the am session and made the traditional conference potholder( this one for jojo). i love doing that as i listen to the speakers and also think about the one i'm making the holder for.
tomorrow - 2 more sessions and i may stuff some leaves into a bag between sessions- the yard is SO out of control- i don't enjoy using up my energy doing the yards anymore- guess that happens as you get older. life is good and we, as a family have been blessed!


  1. thanks for the potholder, which I assume I'll get today sometime:-)
    You've been a busy bee! Have a good trip to Utah next week:-)

  2. you've been so busy! i can't wait for you to see Lucy! i found my 1 day old baby picture today, and she is pretty much a look-a-like! excited to see you!