Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's over

that's about all i can say at this moment about the horse trader days in zelienople. a friend and i had a booth (tent) set up and worked it thurs. , fri., and sat. i didn't take my camera- sorry- there WERE some interesting people there. it cost each of us $40 and i made $260- so you can do the math...... my shop is looking better by the minute!
one of the best parts of the 3 day deal was the few minutes i was able to spend with josie and katie. the monkey tree will live on- now i have to think of some stories .


  1. what's this about a monkey tree?

  2. hah. on the way to church today, josie kept saying ' and dog in tree, and cat in tree and MONKEY in tree!!" laughing while she said monkey. we had a good time too.