Monday, June 1, 2009

my newest little friend...

this morning as i was weeding, i came across a little guy who had become independent before it was time. after talking to him for a few minutes, i was able to put him on my finger and then place him on a branch away from the outdoor cats.

we had a moment together! ( this was me in the early am before breakfast and a shower- and after an hour of weeding...)

everyone needs a friend...

hopefully he will survive- saw him later today on the ground again. his parents were flying around and he was flying "ground level". i shooed jack (neighbor's cat) away and am still hoping for the best.


  1. Love it! Is that a robin? You are the only person I know that manages to tame wild birds!

  2. cute! now you have to name him. :)

  3. awww! how cute! hope he makes it!

  4. josie says,,, 'how bout Josie?' "hold, hold, hold, picture of Josie hold bird.

    i think she wants to meet your friend. :)